Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cont'd from last post!

After Mom and I left the clinic that day with my official diagnosis of MDS, then came the task of telling the family, and getting my brothers tested to see if they were a match. Nobody took the news well, and for about a week there was nothing said about it. I updated my facebook post and there were tons of people there for me. I had those people that were super supportive, super negative, and those that tried to make me consider other options instead of a stem cell transplant.

I went through all the stages of grief, and then finally had to face the cold hard facts that my life was about to change forever. I kept busy with work, my house and other things, (mainly keeping my mind off of the huge monster lurking in the closet).

August 23rd 2013

I had a funny feeling all day (you know a sixth sense) that something incredible was going to happen. The night before I couldn't sleep so I started my day pretty slow, but knew that something was going to happen. That afternoon Bryan called me and said "Christy I'm your match!" I couldn't say anyting, all I did was sob, and scream OMG! Mom, Lindsey and I knew that he was going to be my match. On this date he was a six panel match. We were extremely blessed that Bryan was my stem cell match, because 70% of people who need stem cell transplants none of their siblings match. The future was becoming even more real, and really fast.

October 27th 2013

Bryan had a blood test done to confirm that he was a true match. They tested his last four panels out of his ten panel test and he was a confirmed and perfect match. Now that I knew this it was time to get things in order. I didn't think at 27 years old I would be trying to get a will made, and funeral arrangements put together just in case. I didn't think at 27 years old I would be telling my husband, the man that has been with me through it all, to marry and find love if something were to happen to me. I didn't think at 27 years old I would be telling my Dad and Mom to take care of Zach, and Zach to take care of Dad and Mom if something happened to me. I didn't think at 27 years old there would be this battle that I would have to fight. All I knew was that I wanted everything taken care of (typical older child syndrome) if I left this world.

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